Voice Instruction

Typically voice lessons are scheduled for one hour, once a week. During a vocal lesson, students of all ages focus on building a healthy vocal technique through various exercises, then apply this to music. Many students are coached in preparation for auditions and performances in all genres of music.

In April, one of my students sang a lead role in "Mary Poppins" in Marin County. Last Spring one of my students performed the lead in "Oliver!" with Stapleton School of the Performing Arts in San Anselmo, Ca. In previous years a number of my other students performed leading roles in various musicals in Marin County, including "Annie". A number of my other students perform in various bands in the Bay Area.

Students are encouraged to begin studying piano simultaneously with voice. Many students split an hour lesson between piano and voice.

• Member of National Association of Teachers of Singing

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons ranging from 30-45 minutes are offered in my San Rafael home. Students will learn theory, how to read music, technique, ear training, sight reading and improvisation.

I teach a Performance Class once a month as part of the piano curriculum. Not only is this class a great incentive for practicing, but by performing for their peers on a regular basis, students can rid themselves of a great deal of stage fright. Performing in front of a group that becomes a group of friends is a challenge, but a friendly challenge.

I love to teach and I am good at it. I also love working with kids. I have three of my own, the youngest is now 16 years.


“Julia has been teaching piano to our eleven-year-old daughter for more than two years now. She is a great piano teacher who has really brought out some good playing and practice habits in our daughter. Her house is located in the Santa Venitia area. The grand piano is in a very nice spot with nice light and a garden view out to her back yard. Our girl loves playing there!”

-Stephen W.

“Two of my kids (currently 10 and 11) have been taking lessons with Julia for five years now. They love piano! They always look forward to their lessons with her. Julia takes teaching very seriously. She stresses music theory and learning to read music, which are invaluable foundational skills. She treats my kids with great respect and is very patient with them. She always approaches each lessons enthusiastically and inspires my kids to continue their piano studies. We highly recommend Julia!”

-Chloe C.

“Julia is an exceptional teacher and gifted in her ability to explain the execution of what you are trying to achieve, whether that is in correct breathing, hitting notes on a scale, or bringing a song to life. She is a delight and I will miss my lessons with her after I move from the Bay Area. I feel confident though that I can take with me a solid foundation as I go forward with my singing.”

-Rita W.